Why Choose FPS?

Why Choose Flexo Prepress Solutions?

Why should you trust your business to Flexo Prepress Solutions? Let us convince you with our top 10 reasons.

10. High-resolution, 4000-dpi imaging. We were the first tradeshop in the United States to implement HD Flexo by EskoArtwork, which combines high-resolution imaging with advanced screening. The end result is consistent color, smooth vignettes that print to zero, and brilliant print quality that rivals offset and gravure.

9. Superior digital printing plates. We image on DuPont Cyrel® DFR, the newest addition to the DuPont Cyrel® FAST family of dry, thermal digital flexo printing plates. Cyrel DFR has the smallest highlight dot reproduction of any FAST plate. It delivers fine highlights, sharp details, low dot gain, dazzling color saturation, and excellent durability.

8. Cutting-edge technology. We have invested in cutting-edge technology to provide HD Flexo capability and a 24/7 FTP server.

7. Certified by DuPont. As a Cyrel® Quality Assured Platemaker, we offer converters and packaging buyers the assurance that we will supply the highest quality Cyrel® flexo plates, prepared to DuPont's rigid quality and consistency standards.

6. Accurate proofing. With our combination of technology and experience, we provide digital color-corrected proofs that are right on the first try.

5. Greater sustainability and less waste. We use "green" manufacturing processes for greater sustainability. With digital plates, there is no need for film or solvents, and less waste to achieve acceptable color.

4. A commitment to quality. Many companies tout their commitment to quality, but we really live it. We are fanatical about making sure your job is handled correctly, the first time.

3. Expert service. Our staff has more than six decades of combined experience in providing high-quality flexo plates. We’ve worked with many different types of jobs and know how to get the best results for your project.

2. Quick turnaround. In today’s fast-paced world, we know time is money. We offer 24-hour turnaround and overnight delivery to keep your jobs on schedule.

1. A focus on your bottom line. When you work with Flexo Prepress Solutions, you can be confident that we will deliver great results right from the start, saving you time and money and improving your bottom line.